• NASA Exoplanet - Kepler 186f
  • NASA Exoplanet - Kepler 186f

NASA Exoplanet - Kepler 186f

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NASA Exoplanet - Kepler 186fmaxi poster

Kepler 186f is the first exoplanet reaching the size of the Earth and orbiting in a potentially habitable safe zone around its star. Scientists estimate that it might be possible that liquid water exists but due to the much cooler surface of its star and the red-wavelenght photons the color of the plants would be changed to red to adapt their photosynthesis to the conditions. This poster is from the "20 Years of Exoplanets" jubilee designer poster collection of NASA.


Poster Size61 / 91.5 cm
MediumHigh Quality 200gsm Gloss Paper

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